High Cost of Not Maintaining Credit

Credit bureaus consider absence of information similar to having bad information. Hence the only way to lead a good life is to ensure financial discipline throughout your life. Here is why opting out of credit or having a bad credit is not a viable option:

High Cost of Not Maintaining CreditExpensive Mortgage: Nowadays, almost every American takes a mortgage on their house. At least every average American does. It is difficult to imagine getting by your life without a mortgage unless you are planning to rent out for your entire life. People with good credit score have a considerable upper hand in this regard. They tend to qualify for mortgages, which are subsidized by the state. The cost of having a non-conforming mortgage is at least 30% to 40% higher in the long run.

Expensive Credit Cards: These are useful in tough times caused by unemployment or other financial failure. People with bad credit history or none have to pay 30% to 40% more in interest charges.
Expensive Personal Loans: If you are planning to start your business or remodel your house, you may need a personal loan. That again will be expensive.

Not maintaining credit will shut you out from the mainstream financial system. The lenders need positive information about your financial behavior to make you loans on good terms. Since most people cannot get by without taking loans, ensuring a good credit score and favorable terms is not such a bad idea.

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